Today was a downswing day at PKU. I made the mistake of saying I was going to dominate the downswing which was music to Patrick’s ears. On the downswing, I allowed my arms to get a little ahead and he said stop and made me stay in my posture. In the past, I would have simply fallen over, now I can actually keep my posture and stop at almost any point of the downswing.

We did touch on the importance of the elbows being in on the backswing. If I can feel both my left elbow pointing in and my right elbow tucking I can get a very big shoulder turn. Also, when my elbows are in, it feels like the club face is completely open at the top of the swing. I know it is not, but I am used to having a bowed wrist in which the clubface is completely shut. Now, when I get to the top, my elbows are in, my right side is sucking in and my legs are supporting.

I then slowly move my right side back to level. I stop. I then drive under with the backside of my right obliques. I stop and make sure my arms are well behind my chest. I then continue to drive with the backside of my right obliques while keeping my elbows inside. My left elbow is really going to roll towards the ground as we approach impact with my right lat driving through impact. After impact I am to stop. I drive straight towards the target with my right side which makes my arms extend. The club will feel parallel to the ground when my arms are extended. I then drive under and through with my right side while my left knee is pointed right of the target and my left foot if firmly on the ground

It is that easy! Now, I just have to get used to the clubface rotating with the force of my body rather than being shut and pulled with my arms. I feel like the ball is going to go about 20 yards right of the target but it starts just a little right and slowly fades. It is fun to watch.

UPDATE: It is now mid May 2021 and I am still getting the feel for the clubface being what I feel like open throughout the swing. I have spent seven months working on the flexibility to get my left lat to create the backswing and the right lat to create the downswing. I still have plenty of work to do. It is amazing how much work it takes to get the body to do the correct movements in the golf swing.

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