Today was not quite as windy but there was still a steady breeze that felt nice on a downswing day at PKU. As always, we started with the backswing. Patrick wants me to really feel my right lat and right shoulder being very soft. With the right side being soft, the right arm and right hand will also be soft. At the top of the backswing, Patrick wants my right lat to be passive and I should feel my right shoulder really opening up when there isn’t tension in the right shoulder. My shoulder plane should feel quite flat. Remember, my spine angle is very bent over so my shoulder plane can be flat and still have leverage.

On the downswing, Patrick wants me to “close the gap” with my right side without using my arms at all. I have gotten really good at being able to stop at any point during the downswing. He then pushes on my right lat to drive through impact. After impact Patrick added a new layer. I am to drive just to the right of the target with my right glute. When I do this, it creates a lot of space for my right lat to drive my upper body around my lower body. I am really starting to get a complete follow through that is left of the target with my upper body.

As with every lesson recently, I am hitting the ball better and better. Patrick also touched on my left hand and left wrist creating hinge and holding that angle. Basically, my left wrist should create the hinge and my right hand should not feel like it is doing anything. With that being the case, I need to still turn with my core while my left hand is creating hinge and ultimately power in the golf swing.

UPDATE: I have learned so very much when it comes to the golf swing but the most important thing is to not think while hitting golf balls. I get into the habit of choosing one specific thing we work on and focusing on that while hitting balls. This is a disaster for me. Instead, I have created the habit of writing down a topic such as a book, a TV show, a movie or simply a memory to think about when hitting golf balls. I can think as hard as I want when training and doing practice stretches but when the club meets the ball, there should be not thinking going on. Or, thinking about something else which is what works for me right now.

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