Today was an interesting lesson as Patrick is very excited about the potential of taking a golf trip to Montana with some guys. He thinks there is a business model there. We shall see. We really worked on my upper right lat being open at the top of the swing. In fact, this was one of the most intense “stretching” lessons I have had in quite some time. My upper right back was very sore by the time the lesson was over.

I am getting better and better with the take away and the second part of the backswing but when I get to the top, my right shoulder collapses and folds in. Patrick will push on my right lat right under my armpit and really get my right shoulder to open. I am to do this while maintaining my spine angle and posture. This is not easy.

It is even harder when I try to hit the ball. I am so much further away from the ball on my backswing now that it is taking significantly longer to get back to the ball at impact. Because of this, I release the club too early and hit right behind the ball or I end up hitting the middle of the ball and blading it.

In fact, throughout the entire lesson, I did not hit one really great shot. It is amazing that every step of the way I hit the ball better, Patrick adds something and I go back to hitting the ball poorly. I often wonder when adding new layers is not going to cause me to hit the ball poorly. I know I have asked for this and I am mentally strong enough to handle it, but sometimes I wonder if I should just say, “let’s stop and play for a little bit rather than adding new layers.”

I am certain I will go to the range in the next few days and hit the ball great but as of no, my right lat being open is causing timing issues and simple issues of trying to figure out where my upper body is in relation to the ball.

UPDATE: It is now June 2021, I am approaching 300 lessons and I am still hitting the ball fat. Patrick has added so much depth to my backswing that “check mark” to get back to the ball. Meaning, I drop my right shoulder, pull up with my left shoulder and hit behind the ball. We are working on keeping the left shoulder low throughout the downswing and exiting low but I am really struggling. I gave Patrick at date of June 30th, 2021 to be playing golf. I am done trying to be a great golfer. I just want to play. Its been over 2.5 years and I still cannot hit the ball any better.

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