This could be my final lesson before I actually go out and play on a golf course. Patrick twisted and turned me a few times and allowed me to hit some 8 irons before we talked about the driver. Remember, I haven’t hit an actual driver since I stopped playing back in early September. He said that I should tee it up and drop my back shoulder just a little bit because the angle is more upward than with the irons. It is the same swing, we are just allowing the club to start up and into the ball.

I hit a few and my miss is definitely to the left. In fact, all of my shots seem to be going hard left. Patrick said this is because my right arm is staying above my left arm. If I can get my right arm under my left arm it will straighten it right out. Yeah, as if it is that easy. I honestly have no idea how I am going to play when I get on the course, but Patrick seems to think that I will be fine. Only time will tell.

This was also Mikaila’s third lesson and she is doing very good. She gets a huge shoulder turn and is doing everything Patrick tells her to do. It is so much fun to watch her take a lesson and make Patrick smile and have fun. She truly is the opposite of me. I am laser focused and want to learn everything about the golf swing while she is out there just to have fun and spend time with me. Patrick actually feeds into it and jokes around and smiles quite a bit. She does have a way of making people feel good about themselves.

I may get to have one more lesson with Patrick but he may have to go help a “well known” PGA Tour pro at the Wells Fargo in Charlotte next week. Either way, I am going to be playing in league night on next Thursday and in the Hope Valley Member Guest with Dan McKay next week.

UPDATE: It is crazy to think that back then I thought one lesson was going to fix my issues with my golf swing. I ended up playing in the Hope Valley Member Guest with Dan McKay and I was completely clueless. In fact, if truth be told, there is no way I could have actually broken 100 if shots weren’t given to me and triple bogey maxes. It is interesting to read about my driver as I am still not hitting my driver as of lesson #150 in late August 2020. Imagine going two years without hitting a driving and having two country club memberships. Ahhh, the joys of learning the golf swing.

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