The backswing is getting better but I started to dip from the takeaway to the backswing. I knew this was part of the process as the swing is going to be a little jerky as I started to get the feelings but it can be super frustrating. Patrick was helping me to stay a little higher on the backswing rather than dipping down to start the full backswing after the take away. I felt like I was standing up way too tall and just swinging around my shoulders.

Patrick was very good about taking my bad habits and bringing them to my full attention. I knew this because I was using my hands and arms on the backswing as it was a problem that was so difficult to fix. Will it ever be the case that I can move the club without using the strength of my hands and arms? I hoped it would come sooner rather than later. The Hasentree Member-Member is coming up on October 20th and 21st and there is no way I am going to be ready. Not even close.

UPDATE: So much here. First of all, on lesson #105 I am back to feeling “long” or “tall” on the backswing. We have come full circle. All amateurs have the habit of either dipping or lifting on the backswing. They do this because they are not turning with their core. To properly turn with the core, the torso and upper body should remain long. The ultimate goal is to remain long while keeping the angle of being bent over with the proper posture. Good luck with that.

I am now able to start the backswing without my hands or arms but it took well over a year. Learning a new golf swing is not easy.

Also, not only did I not play in the Hasentree fall member-member on October 20th and 21st, 2018, I didn’t play in another tournament for six more months. In fact, I have not actually “competed” in a golf tournament since before I started in August of 2018. It is February 2020 when I am typing this. I have learned a lot in that amount of time; especially how to not play golf when you are learning a new swing.

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