Today was a day in which Patrick and I discussed posture. While my posture has improved tremendously, there are still times when I stand up too much and the toe of the club is on the ground and the heel is up. Patrick explained that it would be better if the toe was up and the heel was down before the take away.

He also moved my hands under my chest which feels like they are very close to my body. It is definitely a different feel but something I can work on to make sure the toe of the club does not hit the ball first.

We also worked on my turn without my legs collapsing. I have a very bad habit of allowing my left knee to collapse and fall back and my right knee to lock on the backswing. Instead, the left knee should brace and the right knee should stay soft. So basically the opposite of what I am doing. Patrick braced his leg on the inside of my left knee and had me turn to the top of the backswing.

It feels more like a top/twist with my legs bracing and my upper body turning around my lower body now. There is still plenty of work that needs to be done, but I am feeling more torque now that I am bracing with my legs and allowing my core to turn the upper body. One thing I have to work on quite a bit is using the lower part of my core to turn rather than trying to turn only with my upper body and shoulders.

It’s off to Vegas for a week with Mike Drummond so I won’t be playing or swinging. Hopefully that won’t be a major problem.

UPDATE: We are getting very, very close to when Patrick decides to clean up my footwork and legs causing me to not get the ball over the ground for several months. I know it happens sometime shortly after the Vegas trip. It will be fun to read about those extremely difficult lessons.

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