Today was a very challenging lesson as Patrick added a few more elements on the downswing and with the hands. Whenever new elements are added, it is often the case that I start the downswing with my arms and shoulders. I have known this for months, but it is still frustrating because I feel as if I am going backwards instead of forwards.

We continued to work on the legs bracing on the backswing. Today, Patrick made certain my right knee stays soft and slightly bent rather than straightening as we get to the top of the backswing. If I can stop my left knee from collapsing in and my right knee from straightening, I can really feel the torque of the upper body against the lower body on the backswing.

At the top of the backswing, Patrick introduced my hands having no separation on the grip, which they usually do. So, we now know the left hand thumb should be short and closer to the left hand and the right hand should have no separation from the left hand. This new grip is going to take many swings to get used to.

Patrick also explained how I am releasing the club way too early. Everyone that uses their hands and arms does this. I should “hold off”, my words, not his, until through the ball and release out in front of me and to right field. Something I feel as if I can do a lot better is to allow my hands and arms to stay way behind me when I start the downswing. If I do this and softly roll my left elbow in, I have to release the club with all the room available out in right field.

After trying to digest all this information, I realized just how far I’ve come. While it is going to take weeks to get comfortable with these adjustments, at least they are adjustments I can make now. With my past golf swing, it would not have been possible to make these small tweaks that will go a very long way.

Lots and lots of practice swings in the next few days.

UPDATE: Here we go. We are about to enter a very difficult time for me as I went for months without getting the ball off the ground as Patrick cleaned up my grip and my foot and leg work. It was a struggle that seemed to go on forever. Patrick claims it was only a few weeks; we will see as I publish these journal entries.

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