This week has been extremely difficult. While I know Patrick says I am not that far away, I still cannot even hit the ball. I am coming in way outside the ball and throwing my hands at it as I get close to impact. My divot is way outside the ball and pointing towards left field. Not good.

Patrick continues to focus on my backswing and twist me up but something just isn’t clicking. He did add a new layer to my shoulders today. He rolled my left shoulder back instead of letting it roll forward at setup. I know that eventually I am going to have to feel as if both shoulders are rolled back throughout the entire backswing but this is not easy as my shoulder posture has been terrible my entire life.

Patrick is very pleased with my backswing and said the only thing he needs to work on is getting me to stay down and through the ball. I get halfway down to the ball and stand up. By doing this, I am then forcing myself to come over the top and throw my hands at the ball.

I know I will eventually get it, but it is extremely painful right now. I haven’t hit a ball in the air in about three weeks. To make matters worse, it has been about 95 degrees with high humidity every time I go to the range and try to practice. Hopefully the golf swing will get easier very soon.

UPDATE: So, we are on lesson #5 and two full weeks into not being able to get the ball off the ground. I still believe it was months, but we shall see. This was definitely the most difficult time of my swing transformation and it is evident by reading through my journal entries. It is now October 2020 and I am 169 lessons in. I am definitely getting the ball in the air, but other issues have creeped up. Fun times.

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