We are continuing to focus on impact now that I have an understanding of the core supporting the upper body throughout the swing. Patrick is very focused on my legs now. The ultimate goal will be the right leg falls behind the left leg and the left knee stays in place throughout the entire downswing and into the follow through.

At this point, my left knee is not able to brace, nor remain in place as I approach impact. It will take time for me to get to the point, but I am getting closer to the feeling.

If I can set up with my right side engaged and my right elbow and right knee are pointing to the target and my left side is bracing with my left elbow soft, down and in and my left knee engaged in bracing, I can hit the ball quite well. Basically, this gets me ready for impact at the take away. If I do this correctly, it feels like I can get the club to the top of the backswing without using my hands. This is extremely important.

After doing some twists and making certain my follow through is “squatty” Patrick allowed me to hit some balls. I hit the ball much better than I would have imagined. It has been a very difficult two months, but things are starting to come together now.

At this point, I am hitting the ball a little bit right of my target, but my impact is so much better. It will take time to get my legs to do what Patrick wants them to do, but once that is complete, the swing is going to be very good.

When I do get to impact, I can still feel myself standing up a little bit and not extending through impact. If I want huge distance and to hit the ball correctly, I am going to have to continue to work to get my right lat through the ball while bracing with my left knee and left hip/core. Once we get all that complete, we are ready to play some golf. No rush though.

UPDATE: Well, that two month period of starting the process of working on my legs was quite painful. It has been rewarding as I could not be a true scratch golfer if I continued on that path with my legs and hips. While I know how important it is, that is just one major part of the golf swing. After my leg work improved, other areas needed to be addressed. One of the most important was my right side trying to lift the club to the top of the swing. Ahhh, it felt like it was never ending.

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