I was finally starting to hit the ball relatively ok. Obviously, it was not exactly correct but I was no longer making a fool of myself with every swing. There were still a few “army” tendencies on my backswing that I needed to clean up but we were slowly, but surely, making progress.

We were working diligently to keep the right elbow folded throughout the swing. Probably too much, but this would be very important moving forward. I never folded my elbow on the backswing in the past which is why it was so short and fast. As of lesson #8 I was folding my elbow and actually getting much more depth in my backswing. It is still not exactly where Patrick wants it to be, but it is clearly much better than the hack swing I had before my first lesson.

UPDATE: Wow! If I only knew then what I know now. We are on lesson #107 in February 2020 and we are still working on depth of the backswing. I almost wish I had a video of the depth of my backswing way back during lesson #8. We have come so far. As I always say, unless you are willing to devote years and a lot of stretching, you are never going to have a great backswing. Keep plugging away guys!

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