We are continuing to advance the practice chipping motion with a soft left elbow and soft right elbow. The goal right now is to keep the angle with the hips and the softness of the elbows. When Patrick does practice swing exercises with me, he really drives my hips forward and toward the ground. It does feel like my hips are driving into my toes. If I can do this correctly at setup, I do a much better job of stabilizing my lower body throughout the backswing.

With each and every swing, I am getting more comfortable. I am absolutely destroying my pitching wedge at times. As the club gets longer, I definitely hit some clanky shots, but Patrick has explained that is just me losing my angle with my hips. For the next week, I am going to focus on really getting my hips to drive into the ground. When I do it well, I can feel the pull in my hamstrings and even my calves. If I can drive the hips forward and relax my upper body, I almost always hit the ball quite well.

I also know I need to remember to be slow and controlled with my take away. Every now and then I get quick with the take away which doesn’t allow the rest of my body to catch up. Once again, the stability of my legs gives my core a chance to create the backswing rather than my arms. We are getting closer with each lesson. By lesson #100 I will likely be hitting the ball extremely well.

No rush though!

UPDATE: Ahahaha. By lesson #100. Try lesson #200 big guy. It is now December 2020 and I am approaching lesson #200 and I am still learning so much with each and every swing. Maybe by lesson #300 I will be able to hit a long iron. Who knows. All kidding aside, it takes so very long to understand the golf swing and then get the body to actually do it.

You can find all my lessons here.