Palm Springs, Rancho Mirage, Indian Wells and La Quinta are often described as the best golf in America. It is definitely the best golf in America during the winter months of November through March and April. One of the more elite private country clubs is The Club at Morningside. Like Toscana and a few others, the Club at Morningside offers a preview membership in which a potential member can “try out” the club for one season before committing to the full initiation fee.

Below are the The Club at Morningside Membership Initiation Fees and Annual Dues:

  • Full Family Golf Membership – $50,000 Initiation Fee with $26,500 in Annual Dues
  • Associate Golf Membership (under the age of 56)– $50,000 Initiation Fee and $13,250 in Annual Dues
  • Preview Membership
    • $20,000 (over age 56) for one season
    • $13,500 (56 and under) for one season

The Club at Morningside offers a preview membership that is one full season while Toscana offers monthly dues for up to six (6) consecutive months. Both are outstanding opportunities to get onto a private country club in Palm Springs and feel out which club is right for your investment and future.