Should You Be on Your Toes, Heels or the Balls of Your Feet in the Golf Swing?

Upon going through an entire swing change, the first step is often posture and the feel of your feet and legs when setting up to the golf ball. So, where should your weight be when you set up to the ball? We have all seen plenty of YouTube videos talking about keeping your feet flat and not lifting up the heels on your backswing. Does this mean you should have the weight on your heels or in the middle of your feet?

The answer is no. You should feel your weight on the balls of your feet. This is where you will get the most power. If you have your weight on your heels there is no way to turn and get back to the ball with power. The order for weight distribution is as follows.

Ideal – The balls of your feet

Better – Toes

Terrible or worst – On your heels

Keep this in mind when you set up to the golf ball and start your golf swing. I know we have all watched videos of professionals like Brooks Koepka, Dustin Johnson, Tiger Woods, Justin Thomas and Jordan Spieth. We notice that their heels stay on the ground throughout the entire swing so it makes sense that we should put the weight on our heels, right? No. Not during the full swing.

You may want to put your weight on your heels while putting, but do not do this on your full swing. You will find that you become armsy and get zero distance. You will have no power at all if all your weight is on your heels.