I have officially seen it all. Today, while watching the Greenbrier Classic on the Golf Channel I saw a TV commercial for the Tour Angle 144. I immediately starting searching the Internet for golfangle44.com and golf angle 44. Of course, they have named this product the Tour Angle 144 which makes it difficult to find. I digress.


What this “tool” does is keep your setup and wrist angle correct throughout the swing. You have to place the place device between your middle finger and ring finger and let it do its magic. Personally, I think this would be extremely uncomfortable. The grip is a very important part of the golf swing and putting a piece of plastic between your fingers and the grip is only going to cause problems.

I assume the red “lever” is supposed to keep your wrists and forearms at the correct angle throughout the swing. Ummm, sure. How many amateur golfers can even hit the ball no less keep their wrists and forearms at the same angle throughout the swing? I would guess less than 5%. The cost of the swing trainer is between $35 and $60 depending on where you look. I am sure if you go to Golf Galaxy or Golfsmith you are going to pay a little bit of a premium when compared to prices online. Here is a video of what it does:

I do everything I can to avoid these crazy contraptions they are selling to fix the golf swing. Golf is hard enough as it is, I don’t need a piece of plastic touching my fingers and forearm. If you think this is going to fix your swing I would say you have other problems. Work on making great contact and go from there. If you can make crisp contact with your irons and can hit the ball on the middle of the face of your driver, woods and hybrids you do not need these funky golf swing aids and trainers.

I assume the 144 is the degree for something in the golf swing but who really knows. Honestly, you shouldn’t care. Go out, have fun and hit some great shots. You will never hits all of your shots great so enjoy the ones that are hit well.