In the first edition of the Wojdylo Golf podcast I discuss the grip. Those that tends to fade and slice the ball may very well benefit from strengthening their grip. This will allow them to come into the ball with a close or shut club face meaning they will hit the ball with more force. The ball may start out left, for a right handed golfer, but if they naturally fade the ball it is going to come back around.

If you are looking to improve your iron game or wedge game think about looking at your grip as a way to adjust your swing. Sometimes the swing plane is very good it is just the grip that is causing problems. Even golfers that are brand new to the game can benefit but analyzing their grip. Don’t think about it too much as you will want something that is comfortable. That said, a slight tweak here or there might be just what it takes to help you break 100, 90 or 80.