As always, time stamps are eastern standard time:

3:44 – Kuchar leaves himself with three feet for the win. A little bit of drama to end this final round. He will mark and think about it. Kuch brushes it in and wins the Mayakoba Classic.

3:35 – Kuch hits one to the middle of the fairway on 18. Middle of the green and a two putt par and Kuch walks away with his first victory in several years.

3:31 – Kuchar two putts for par and will take a one shot lead into 18. Danny Lee has a birdie try to match Kuchar. He leaves it out to the right and didn’t give it a chance. Now he has to hope Kuchar bogeys 18. “You are not giving this one to your buddy is a Saturday Nassau.”

3:25 – Kuch has 99 yards in on 17. He hits it about 15 feet past the hole. Almost a sure par and an outside chance at birdie.

3:24 – Sorry, I had to write an article about Cameron Champ’s distance. Kuch is now one up with a few holes to play.

3:02 – Kuchar three putts the par 3 and his lead is back to two. If Danny Lee can get a birdie coming in, it will put a lot of pressure on Kuch. As I type that, he drops a birdie to get within one. Kuch at -22, Lee at -21.

2:52 – Harold Varner wears Jumpman (Michale Jordan’s brand) and has a Stitch golf bag. Hopefully he can get to the top of leaderboards this year to give Stitch some more exposure.

2:49 – Ugh, Cameron Champ is looking very bad right now. Who would have ever guessed that Sean Foley ruins someone’s swing?

2:48 – As soon as Kuchar takes a bogey, Danny Lee takes a bogey on a par 3. It was a terrible iron off the tee that cost him a stroke.

2:47 – We are seeing more car commercials now. One of the newest Nissan Altima here. It is interesting that it is Nissan and Hyundai and no Honda or Toyota.

2:45 – By the way, I am very jealous of the beach weather at this golf tournament. It is 45 degrees here in North Carolina today.

2:44 – Caught that bunker shot right in the forehead. I love that one by Bones. Kuch stubbed that putt out of the fringe. This could be a bogey here. Lead down to two. Can Danny Lee close to within one of Kuch?

2:36 – I will say, Kuch’s swing is not fundamentally sound at all. The right elbow flared as it comes back is a recipe for disaster with most golfers. It shows you just how good his downswing and impact are.

2:33 – Watch Jim Furyk’s leg and footwork. If you wonder why he hits is so straight, just look at his knee path. The right knee hitting the back of the left knee is so great. Sean Foley is trying to fix Champ’s golf swing. Oh boy. Please just hang up the phone when Foley calls.

2:30 – There are sure plenty of Rolex commercials. The Golf Channel knows their demographic. No used cars but plenty of $25k watches. As I say that, a Red Lobster commercial comes on.

2:23 – Kuch chips to about two feet. That will be a birdie and will put him up by three again. Imagine if Champ didn’t send one onto the beach.

2:21 – For the first time in awhile, there is a car TV commercial. It is interesting that almost all TV commercials are for new cars and there are very few used car commercials. Other than Carmax, you never see a used car commercial on Golf Channel.

2:19 – Kuch doesn’t hit it far, but he is definitely accurate. He leaves a wood just short of the green from about 230. That would be a four or five iron for most PGA Tour pros these days.

2:17 – Champ can’t play out of the mangroves, so he is playing just to the right of the cart path. He leaves another one right. Two very poor swings in a row from Champ.

2:10 – Kuch with the “keep bleeding. Bleed a little bit more. Ahhhhh.” What a difference in Kuch and Tiger.

2:07 – Here we go. Cameron Champ on the tee with driver. Watch this move. Notice his narrow stance. he lost that one right. He was very late and way out of play. As Duval stated, “He wiped it way right.”

2:03 – Now we get to the weakest part of Champ’s game. A putt for eagle from about 12 feet. Let’s see if he can drop this one. It grazes the edge low. A decent putt. That puts him at -20 and three behind.

2:01 – It’s been four plus years since Kuch has one. He should have won that Open Championship over Jordan a few years ago. Honestly, I like David Duval as an announcer, He is very insightful and clearly an intelligent guy. He will get more announcing jobs in the near future.

1:57 – Kuchar yells “travel!” No “gosh darnit” but still a little bit of golf speak from Kuch. As predicted, here is Cameron Champ. He is on the par 3 13th. Looks like a smooth iron into the green. Wow, what an amazing shot. He should just destroy every par 5 on the PGA Tour.

1:55 – Danny Lee drops a long put for birdie to go to -20. He is three behind Kuchar. Let’s see if we can make this thing a little bit interesting. My guess is there will be a lot of footage of Cameron Champ off the tee box.

1:51 – Looks like Kuchar is running away with this thing. I guess we can start counting the “gosh darnits”. There are ads for 24/7: The Match. Tiger vs Phil. Only on HBO. I will be paying the $20 to watch that one on the day after Thanksgiving while everyone else is looking for Black Friday sales and deals.