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An Attempt to Hit the White Ball Straight

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TeeLess Driver – Does It Really Work?

Anyone watching the Golf Channel over the last few weeks has likely seen the Notah Begay commercial for the (T)less driver. So, what exactly is the “teeless” driver and does it work?

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Should I Use a 60 Degree or 58 Degree Wedge?

Every single time I play a round of golf someone has to mention they have a 58 degree wedge vs a 60 degree wedge. Some golfers even make it a point to brag that they can hit a 62 degree or 64 degree wedge. Others will claim you should never use a lob or sand wedge anywhere but the sand. So, what is the best wedge to use and when should you use it?

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What Driver Does Cameron Champ Play?

Cameron Champ has made a name for himself during the last tournaments of 2018 which are the 2019 FedEx Cup season. He has pounded several drives over 400 yards and his driving average is around 330 yards. He is also coming through at impact with a swing speed in excess of 130 mph. If you are searching for the driver he is hitting, it does not mean it will add distance to your drive. Your golf swing will. If you can swing at 130 mph and hit the ball square, you too will hit it well over 300. If you can’t work on your swing, not your equipment. That said, Cameron Champ hits the┬áPing G400 Max driver.

Note that Cameron Champ also has a custom shaft that you likely cannot even fathom imaginable. Most amateurs have a swing speed around 85 to 90 mph so do not think the Ping G400 Max is going to add 40 yards to your drive.

Justin Rose to Play Honma Irons in 2019

Beginning in January 2019, world golf #1 (right now) is switching from Taylormade irons and wedges to Honma. At this point, it looks like his contract will allow him to play any type of woods and driver which likely means he will stick with Taylormade, but who knows. We are also uncertain of the type of ball Rose will be required to play. Both Honma and Taylormade make golf balls for PGA Tour pros.

If you were wondering, some Honma irons have gone for as much as $75,000. You can go on eBay and find a set of Honma irons for as little as $275 and as much as $50,000. Not bad.

Should I Be Worried If I Am Not Hitting My New Irons Further?

When most amateurs buy new irons they are looking for one thing – distance. Very rarely do you hear an amateur say, “I got my new irons and I hit them about 10% shorter but they are straight as an arrow.” Nope, instead you hear, “I am hitting my 8 iron 15 yards further than I used to hit my old irons.” So, if you have purchased new irons and they aren’t going as far, should you be worried?

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2017 Callaway Steelhead XR Irons – Too Much of a Cavity Back for Scratch Golfers?

The latest line of Callaway irons is the Steelhead XR cavity back irons. With more and more PGA Tour Pros going to cavity back irons it will likely be the case that amateurs and your everyday scratch golfers go to cavity backs some time in 2017. While cavity backs are extremely forgiving, it might be the case that they have too much of a cavity for some of the better low handicap players.

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How Much Money Will PXG Throw at Rory McIlroy

Today it came out that PXG is very interested in Rory McIlroy and not at all interested in Tiger Woods. This should come as no surprise as Tiger is on the last leg of his career and would likely cost too much for PXG to even consider. Instead, they are going after the #2 most popular Nike golfer – Rory McIlroy. Rory’s deal with Nike includes both apparel and equipment.

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Will I Hit a Krank Driver Further Than a Regular One?

The talk of my country club is the Krank driver. One particular member has the latest Krank driver model that is black and lime green with hexagons on it. Honestly, he hits the thing about 325 yards, on the fly. Now that others are seeing him hit the driver over three bills they want to pipe a few out there with him. Unfortunately, it is not just the driver that determines driving distance.


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Rory McIlroy Neon Green Nike Vapor Driver

When I tuned into the DP World Tour Championship on the Golf Channel on November 21st the first swing I saw was Rory McIlroy hitting his brand new Neon Green Nike Vapor driver. Here it is:

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How to Use a 60 Degree Wedge Around Fast Greens

The 60 degree wedge – an amateur golfers best friend or worst nightmare. Every amateur golfer has stood over a chip shot with a tight lie saying to themselves, “please don’t blade or skull this one across the green.” When hitting the 60 degree sand wedge properly you can work magic around the greens. The only way I am a 10 handicap is because of my short game and, ultimately, my 60 degree wedge.

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