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Brooks Koepka Weird Putting Read to Save Knee

It is amazing what golfers will do to play golf while injured. Brooks Koepka has struggled with knee problems over the last few years so he is adjusting how he is reading putts. At Augusta National, during the 2021 Masters, Brooks has a very unique want to “bend over” to read putts. This is what it looks like:

Matt Wallace 2 Thumb Fat Putter Grip

Around 2010 the Super Stroke fat putter grip became popular. It really gained in popularity when Jordan Spieth started sinking putts from everywhere in 2015. Now, we are taking it up a notch. Matt Wallace uses the 2 Thumb (brand) putter grip in which the grip is so fat that you can place both thumbs side by side on the grip. He then interlocks the fingers on the backside of the grip. Here is what the 2 thumb putter grip looks like:

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Bryson DeChambeau Upright Shaft Putting Stroke

While Bryson DeChambeau is known for his power, it is his upright shaft putting stroke that is making him one of the best golfers in the world in 2021. So, why does he do this and will it work for you? What Bryson DeChambeau does that is extremely effective is he pins his left arm along the shaft of his putter. Some call this “armlock” putting. Before the belly putter ban many belly putters did the same thing. Webb Simpson and Matt Kuchar are players that also pin their left arms against the shaft of their putter, but there is a catch.

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Why Are PGA Tour Pros Touching Their Right Elbow Before Putting?

During the 2020 FedEx Cup Playoff golf fans have noticed Dustin Johnson, Hideki Matsuyama and Joaquin Neimann are touching their right elbow when setting up for a putt. Why are they doing this?

The biggest problem with Pro level putting is the right elbow “pulls” back which causes the hands and arms to take over through impact. This is also true with the full swing with amateur golfers. Read more about pulling with the right elbow on the full swing here.

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Bentgrass Greens – Pure and Fast

A few years ago I published an article comparing bentgrass to bermudagrass greens. I had just walked off a course in which the bermudagrass was young and rock hard. It was the complete opposite of bentgrass greens. Suffice it to saw, I was not happy. I vowed that bentgrass was far superior to bermudagrass. So, what makes bentgrass greens so great?

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Why Are My Putts Always Short and Below the Hole?

Missing on the “amateur side” is common for, well, amateurs. When putting, the better putters always miss on the high side and miss long. This is especially important on bentgrass greens that break quite a bit. On championship bermuda, putts generally go straight and hold up with the grain, but fast championship bermuda greens can leave many amateurs on the low side of the hole.

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Does the Matt Kuchar Forearm Anchoring Putting Stroke Work?

Well, obviously it does for him. Many amateur golfers are trying to figure out not that the anchor putter has been banned. Why isn’t Matt Kuchar’s anchor banned? Well, Kuchar anchors the putter on his forearm and not on his chest or stomach. This might be a remedy to your problems if it is difficult to keep your hands steady throughout the entire putting motion.

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How to Be the Best Putter at Your Country Club

Putting is the hardest part of golf; don’t let anyone tell you differently. The only way you are going to break 90, 80 or even 70 is to avoid three and four putts. If your greens are rolling at a 12 or faster you know just how many strokes you can accumulate on the greens. On the flip side of that, if you are a great putter, you know how much of a stress reliever it is to stand on the green knowing you will two putt or less. Here are some tips on becoming the best putter at your country club.

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Why Does Lexi Thompson Putt with a Glove On?

Over the last few months more and more people have tuned into women’s golf on the LPGA Tour. Part of this is because of Lexi Thompson. Not only can she play golf, she is athletic and gorgeous. She drives the ball over 300 yards and plays a game that even most amateur men can only dream about. The biggest problem with Lexi’s game at the moment is putting. She even went to an oversized putter that looks quite ridiculous.

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Short Back Stroke and Accelerate Through Putting

Over the last two years I have worked to make myself an above average putter. That said, there are still a few pressure putts I missed in 2015 that drive me crazy. To change that, I adjusted my putter with a cork grip and shortened by back stroke, especially on the shorter putts. This has made a world of difference as I am one now the best putter I have ever been. In fact, if you put me over a pressure putt less than 20 feet it is going to be close to the hole or in. Here is why:

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