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What Does the Black Compression Sleeve on Tiger Woods’ Leg Do?

Unless you have been under a rock, you have seen the Tiger Woods golf swing progress video that was posted to Twitter on Sunday, November 21st, 2021. The first thing most people will notice is that Tiger is wearing shorts and has a full length black compression “sleeve” on his right leg. So, what does this do and why does he have it on his leg? More importantly, when will he be back on the PGA Tour?

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Why Do I Hit It Off the Toe with My Irons?

Time and again amateur golfers walk off the 18th hole or driving range looking at the ball striking of their irons and see it is out on the toe. While they may think, “this is much better than off the heel” because they don’t want to shank it, they often wonder just how much further they would hit it if they struck the sweet spot instead of out near the toe. So, why do you always hit it off the toe?

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Jordan Spieth Soft Bent Left Elbow Practice Swing

Jordan Spieth has been woking with a swing coach expert in 2021. I won’t name the coach but let’s just say he created Tiger Woods’ greatest golf swing while he was holding the Tiger Slam. One thing that this particular golf swing coach teaches is a rotational and core golf swing; not an armsy golf swing. What amateurs do not realize is the only way to not have an armsy swing is to have soft arms. The left elbow actually falls inside towards the belly button throughout the backswing. When really perfecting this swing most people are going to need a soft left elbow at the top of the swing.

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Why Do I Hit Behind the Golf Ball?

One of the most asked questions on a golf course is, “why am I hitting behind the ball?” Anyone that has played more than a round or two of golf has experienced the “fat” or “heavy” shot in which the club hits about an inch behind the ball. Sometimes we get away with it when the ground is hard and firm but in wet conditions it is basically a chilly dip every single time. So, why does this happen?

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Right Foot and Leg Behind Left Leg Practice Golf Swing

Over the last two weeks we have seen two PGA Tour Pros that have practice golf swings in which they have their right leg and right foot well behind their left leg. Sam Ryder and Billy Horschel both practice with their trail leg “inside” their lead leg in their practice swings and practice setup. So, why are they doing this?

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Tee Your Driver Lower – Does It Help?

In true Paul Azinger fashion, he is offering golf swing tips during the final round of the Arnold Palmer Invitational. He mentioned that Jordan Spieth is teeing his driver lower and it is helping him. So, will this help the common amateur? Will teeing your driver lower make you hit it further and/or straighter? Absolutely not.

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Heels vs Toes Golf Swing – Paul Azinger

If there is one thing Paul Azinger loves to do it is to give terrible advice to the amateur golfer. He once claimed that PGA Tour pros could spin their wedges so well solely because of the ball. Yeah, the spin and check has absolutely nothing to do with contact or swing path, it is just the ball. The latest bit of advice he has given (during the Friday round of the WGC Workday Championship) is that amateurs would be better off to have their weight on their heels rather than their toes in the golf swing. Oh boy.

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Why Do I Top the Golf Ball When It Is Wet or Soggy?

If you live in the southeast you have had to endure one of the wettest winters in recent history in 2020 and 2021. This is two winters in a row in which golf courses and country clubs have had to deal with an abnormal amount of rain. It seems any time the sun is out for a day or two, it is followed by a weekend of rain. Even on beautiful 70 degree days, the fairways are completely drenched or at least soggy. Amateurs all over North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, Florida and Georgia are trying to figure out why the top it when the conditions are wet.

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Body Moving Faster Than the Arms on the Golf Swing

Time and again we hear Nick Faldo saying the body is moving faster than the arms when PGA Tour pros get under pressure. Late in the day on Sunday Faldo often talks about the swing sequence being out of rhythm. Unfortunately, this is giving amateurs the wrong idea. There is no an amateur in the United States that has the problem of their body moving faster than their arms. This is why.

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Akshay Bhatia Golf Swing Squat for Power

Anyone that follows golf social media accounts knows that Akshay Bhatia is addicted to distance. So much so that has gone to both George Gankas and the Dustin Johnson Golf School in Myrtle Beach, SC. If you understand what Gankas teaches, you will know what Bhatia squats in an attempt to gain more power. So, here is his swing:

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