I will update with time stamps (eastern standard time)

6:20 – Tiger cards a par on 18 and will have a three shot lead going into the final round. He will be playing with Rory McIlroy. I will be interested to see his reaction when Rory bombs a 350 yard drive 40 yards past him. Tomorrow will be fun.

6:13 – Tiger rips another one down the fairway. Looks likely that it could be Tiger and Rory in the final group. Tiger will have a four shot lead going into the final round if he can birdie 18.

5:58 – Tiger hits one right down the sprinkler line on 17. He has a chance at birdie now. He has about 12 feet for another birdie. Does anyone think this is not going in? He has 31 one putts in 52 holes. Not too shabby. He pushed that one a touch. He will go into 18 at -12 and three shots ahead.

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5:50 – Ok, this is going to be an impossible up and down. He is going to throw the full swing flopper on this one. If he pars the hole, it will be fantastic. Tiger goes right under the flopper but hits a wonderful chip from a tight lie. He will walk away with a bogey to go to -12.

5:38 – Tiger almost holes the bunker shot but will have about 6 feet for his par now. He needs to roll this one in. Of course he does. Stays at -13 and five shots ahead.

5:33 – The tee shot on 15 is not easy. A 200 yard 7 iron on its way. He pulls it left and into the bunker. He should be able to get up and down from there. The classic drop the club on the follow through for Tiger. Rosie hits a good one there and could pick one up on Tiger but is down by five.

5:27 – Tiger will end up with a par on 14. Time to get back on the birdie train on 15.

5:15 – It will be interesting to see the ratings for this on a college football Saturday. The only big game is Alabama vs Texas A&M and ‘Bama has pulled away and will likely win by a few touchdowns. Sports fans are likely tuning into Tiger and the PGA Tour. That Tua QB for Alabama is ridiculous. Alabama with an average QB is unbeatable. Now they have a great QB.

5:13 – Tiger putting from just off the green on 13. We can’t expect a birdie here. Just short.

5:02 – Rose is at -9 and isn’t playing bad. It is just hard to keep up with the big guy. Ok, time to check some college football scores.

4:56 – Now that I am back, I expect to see four or five straight birdies from Tiger. I don’t ask for much. A birdie putt from just over seven feet. Of course he drains it. Back to -13. I better keep live blogging this bad boy.

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4:54 – Had to charge the computer and while doing so Tiger cooled off a bit. No birdies in the last few holes so he remains at -12. Still in the lead by a few.

3:54 – Dear Lord. He hits another inside of 6 feet for birdie. This time from a fairway bunker. This is so much fun to watch. He could have six birdies in seven holes. Make it -6 through 7. Not a bad start.

3:46 – Tiger with a five footer for birdie here on the par 5. Although he doesn’t “need” this it would be upsetting to take a par on a par 5 when he was in the greenside bunker in two. He hit a great bunker shot it just had too much check on it. Of course it goes in. He is now at -12. He is -5 through 6 holes.

3:26 – Tiger hits another one within 5 feet of the hole. This could very well be another birdie. This is the best he has played in over a decade. Tiger now four clear of the field. He is a birdie machine right now.

3:18 – Welp. Tiger has another birdie. That is three birdies in the first four holes. He is putting so very well. He loves fast greens. Tiger at -10, three shots clear of Rory at -7. Could he run away with this thing?

3:08 – Tiger starts birdie, par birdie and is now two ahead of the field. Let’s see if he can put his foot down the way he did before the Thanksgiving debacle.

2:57 – Tiger at -8, Rory at -7. Both are hitting the ball very well. Tiger is putting better but Rory has about 40 yards advantage off the tee when he wants to blast it.

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2:53 – Rose three putts and drops two shots in the first two holes. Tiger picks up three on Rose after 2. Still a long way to go but it looks like Rory and Tiger off and running right now.

2:46 – Tiger hits one into the middle of the green; it just didn’t cut. Rory only blasted a drive at 365. Unreal. He has 10 yards to the front of the green. He chips it up to about 4 feet. He is playing very well. How great would it be to see Rory and Tiger at their best in the final group tomorrow?

2:42 – Rose chilly dips a chip. Trust me when I tell you, chipping around Donald Rose greens with bermuda is not easy. Tiger drains a putt from about 20 feet and that takes him into the lead alone at -8. Rose could drop one here as well. Rose drops one. Roger Maltbie says these are the best bermuda greens he has ever seen. Obviously he hasn’t been to Sedgefield or Hope Valley.

2:37 – Johnny says Tiger blocks his approach shot and it ends up in the middle of the green.

2:35 – Rory and Rahm are playing together. Maybe they are feeling each other out before the Ryder Cup next week. I take that back, it looks like Horschel is playing with Rory.

2:33 – Tiger rips one down the middle and shows us his first club twirl of the day. Rose and Tiger are off.

2:32 – Fans in North Carolina and the ACC territory are going to be furious with the fact that we have to watch a shitty UNC football team play Pittsburgh. You can go to NBCSports.com and watch the third round on your computer.