Does the Austin, Texas Drought Affect Golf Course Conditions?

It is had to argue that Austin, Texas is one of the “hottest” places to move in the United States in 2021. Literally and figuratively. With Apple, Tesla and a number of other tech companies having headquarters in Austin, there are plenty of high paying jobs. Those that are moving to Austin will likely look for private country club and golf club information. What they will likely find out is the weather isn’t exactly ideal for golf 12 months out of the year.

There is a “drought season” in the Austin and San Antonio, Texas area. You can find the drought map here. Even after a winter in which Austin had two snowstorms (extremely rare), they still ended up in drought conditions in March and April of 2021. This cannot be good for golf courses, right? Yes and no.

If a private country club or golf club has the money to pay for proper maintenance, there is no lack of sunshine for grass growth in Texas. Unfortunately, not every country club can charge $150k initiation to keep the greens tight and the fairways lush. If you have $100k to drop on initiation at places like Austin Country Club, Barton Creek, Driftwood or Spanish Oaks, you will not have to worry about thin fairways because of the drought.

If you are looking to play public golf or lower tier private country clubs, there will be summer months in which the fairways are thin and rock hard. You better learn to hit ball first or you are going to have some bladed and/or fat shots. A friend of ours is a dermatologist in Austin, Texas and says that the sun is a skincare issue year round. Always have your sunscreen ready in your golf bag.

Before making a decision on a private Austin, Texas country club it is important to understand the climate of the area. If you think Palm Springs and Florida can get hot in the summer, spend a July in Austin. That is not to say you will not play some great golf in Austin, Texas, but there is a reason Texas is not known as the place to retire to play golf. If you have unlimited options of places to become a country club member, there are more ideal climates in the United States.