Best Masters Pick a Pro Tournament Setup

The 2016 Masters Tournament is just around the corner as diehard fans are making their way to Augusta right now. Those that will not be watching the pros in Augusta will likely be playing in some type of Masters Pick a Pro tournament this weekend. There are a number of different ways these tournaments can be played. Here are some options:

Random draw Masters pick played as a twosome with a two best ball score. This one can be difficult to keep up with as you will have to go through the entire score card of the amateur and the pro. If you only have a handful of people in the tournament this could be fun. If you have over 30 people in the tournament it would take forever to score.

Random draw Masters pick played as a best net score. This is the easiest format as you simply pick a pro and combine their one day score (Friday or Saturday) with your net score that particular day. This is as simple as adding two numbers together rather than going through the entire score card.

The best Masters Pick a Pro tournaments will allow amateurs to know their pro before play begins on Saturday. I have heard of some tournaments that are random draw and it is the Friday score of the pro and the Saturday score of the amateur. This is just lazy because the golf staff doesn’t want to have to wait to do the score as the Friday scores are already in.

If you are running a Masters Pick a Pro tournament this weekend please let me know how you play it. I would be interested to see what is the best for the amateurs which means allowing them to watch the Masters at the clubhouse bar.