Body Moving Faster Than the Arms on the Golf Swing

Time and again we hear Nick Faldo saying the body is moving faster than the arms when PGA Tour pros get under pressure. Late in the day on Sunday Faldo often talks about the swing sequence being out of rhythm. Unfortunately, this is giving amateurs the wrong idea. There is no an amateur in the United States that has the problem of their body moving faster than their arms. This is why.

The reason PGA Tour Pros are so consistent is because they don’t use their arms to create power in the golf swing. Their core and their shoulder turn creates the power. The upper body turning around the lower body is what generates swing speed. The first thing every amateur in the world does is pick up the club with their hands and use their arms to pull their body into the backswing. The better amateurs, the guys that think they are scratch or low single digit handicappers, may use their shoulders to start the backswing but end of lifting with their arms in an attempt to get parallel at the top.

PGA Tour Pros very well may fire with their right core or right lat a little quick before the backswing is completed but this is still one million times better than an amateur. If you areĀ  watching PGA Tour golf and an announcer mentions that the body is moving faster than the arms or hands, this does not relate to you in any way. If you have played high level college golf or have shot under par on a PGA Tour level course you may have this problem. It is highly unlikely though. If your body is moving faster than your arms, you have never lost a local club championship.

Instead of worrying about your body moving faster than your arms you should actually try to move your body faster than your arms. In fact, try to move your body at all in the backswing and then again in the downswing. If you haven’t gotten professional golf lessons, you will have no idea how to do this. You should start your backswing with the lower left side and the downswing should start with the lower right side for the right handed golfer. Good luck with that.