Bryson DeChambeau Upright Shaft Putting Stroke

While Bryson DeChambeau is known for his power, it is his upright shaft putting stroke that is making him one of the best golfers in the world in 2021. So, why does he do this and will it work for you? What Bryson DeChambeau does that is extremely effective is he pins his left arm along the shaft of his putter. Some call this “armlock” putting. Before the belly putter ban many belly putters did the same thing. Webb Simpson and Matt Kuchar are players that also pin their left arms against the shaft of their putter, but there is a catch.

What they do that is so effective is they actually have their left arm and left elbow pointed in towards their belly button with their arm against the shaft. This opens the left shoulder and forces them to rock their shoulders to actually hit the ball with their putter. If you try this, there is almost no way you can be “handsy” with your putting stroke. Take your left hand, put it all the way down on the metal of your putter, then roll your left elbow in towards your belly button which will cause your forearm to touch the grip of your putter. It will feel very weird but it will straighten out your left arm and will open up your left shoulder. If you can have a soft right elbow as well, you will be the best putter at your country club.

Another great thing about this type of putting stroke is you can really get your speed consistent. Take this type of grip with the putter shaft more upright and go back about half as far as you used to. Go back very, very short with those putts inside of 10 feet. You will be shocked at how much distance control you have and how straight you start putting the ball.