Does Bryson DeChambeau Hinge His Wrists on His Driver Swing

Time and again we hear that Bryson DeChambeau’s new and improved driver swing (averaging over 330 yards) does not include a wrist hinge. This is simply not true. Here is why.

Just because Bryson does not hinge his wrists early like Dustin Johnson or some of the other long ball hitters does not mean they are not hinged. You could not hit a driver over 300 yards without hinging your wrists. To learn more about wrist hinge and power with the shoulder turn contact Patrick Kelley Golf. When looking at this still shot, I think we can all agree that his wrists are hinged:

If you need further proof, look at impact:

His wrists are extremely hinged. What Bryson does that confuses people like Paul Azinger and some of the other analysts is he has a great amount of downswing hinge because of his deep shoulder turn. He uses his core and right side to really drive under. The force of this drive with his core leaves his hands no choice but to hinge.

What is most amazing about Bryson’s transformation is the flexibility he has maintained while also putting n so much muscle weight.

The biggest concern Bryson is going to have is his left leg and particularly his left knee. We all remember when Tiger would swing as hard as he could out of the rough and do a pirouette because his left side could withstand the speed of the swing. Well, this is what Bryson does every single time. Watch his left foot at impact and after impact. It ends up facing right at the target or sometimes even left of the target.

The ideal situation would be to stack on the left foot and it should be pointed right of the target like Brooks Keopka, Matthew Wolff or Dustin Johnson. It is physically impossible for Bryson to do this because he is swinging the driver close to 200 mph.