Where to Buy a Women’s Golf Outfit for Country Clubs

If you are going to a private country club, you will need to dress appropriately. Most younger females do not have the proper golf attire and have no idea what to wear when asked to join a group at a country club. Understand that the attire for social events is very different than the attire for a golf outing. This is an article for women looking for golf outfits strictly for the golf course and golf outings; not social events.

Most women wear a golf skirt, which is a skort. You can get some very cute ones from Victoria’s Secret or Dick’s Sporting Goods. Nike, Adidas, Athleta, Lululemon and Victoria’s Secret tend to be the most popular. A common color is grey or black and most will be pleated. If you want to get crazy you can go with Houndstooth or a pattern. You may even be able to find the pattern or colors of your alma mater or the college you are at. Expect to pay around $35 to $65 for a cute golf skort. It would be advisable to get an actual skort rather than a skirt because you are going to be getting in and out of a golf cart and likely swinging and picking up balls out of the hole.

Shirts will always run big. If you normally wear a medium, get a small. If you normally wear a small, get an extra small. This is common across the board for golf clothing; both mens and womens. Tops will cost you around $30 to $35. Lady Hagen, Nike and Victoria’s Secret will all work. Note, you do not necessarily have to wear a colored shirt if you are going out on the course. You do need to wear something that looks presentable. The new trend is golf is actually collarless shirts.

If a country club guy asks you to go to a golf club, spend $75 to $100 on the outfit. You can wear tennis shoes or athletic shoes with your golf outfit and be fine. You do not have to buy golf shoes. More and more golfers are wearing shoes that look like the Nike Free 5.0 anyway. Even if you are going to be playing, and hitting balls, you can do this with athletic shoes.

Find a color that works for you and hit the links. You will have a great time. If you are going to be a beverage cart girl for the summer, it is suggested you dress like you are going to be playing golf at a country club.

Lululemon golf skirt and APC athletic shoes.