Collin Morikawa’s Right Leg on the Golf Swing

Collin Morikawa has already won a major championship by the age of 23. Many would argue he would never have won that PGA Championship had there been fans, but that is a discussion for another time. I will make a bold prediction and say that Viktor Hovland will win more majors than Collin Morikawa.  Let’s look at Collin’s swing to explain why I think Viktor will be better.

As with all PGA Tour Pros, Collin has an amazing take away and a really good shoulder turn as he rotates his upper body around his lower body while keeping a significant amount of distance between his knees all the way to the top of the backswing. He has a slightly bowed wrist at the top and then he uses some of his right leg in an attempt to generating more swing speed.

You can see the right leg drive on this screenshot:

Some would argue this is him clearing his hips. That’s all fine and dandy but you do not need to drive with your right knee to clear your hips. Want to know someone that keeps the right foot on the ground and drives through impact with their core? Victor Hovland:

Notice Viktor’s right foot at impact compared to Collin’s. There is a knee plane in the golf swing. How much closer is Victor’s knee plane to the target from Collin’s? This is why Viktor Hovland already owns the record for most consecutive rounds in the 60’s in PGA Tour history – 19 straight rounds in the 60s for those wondering.

Collin Morikawa, Justin Thomas and many other smaller PGA Tour Pros can absolutely get more power with driving their right leg on the downswing. Unfortunately, that is going to lead to some inconsistencies with the knee plane being so far left of the target. This can lead to some wild hooks and huge pushes. Both Collin and JT will have amazing PGA Tour careers and will likely win a couple of majors. Viktor Hovland will be a top 20 machine and will be in contention at almost every major he participates in.