Congaree Golf Club Initiation Fee and Monthly Dues

From June 10th-13th, 2021 Congaree Golf Club will get more exposure than any time in its history. The PGA Tour will play the Palmetto Championship at Congaree Golf Club. The golf club is located in Ridgeland, SC which absolutely no one has heard of. Will millions of golf fans getting their first glimpse of this amazing golf course north of Hilton Head and Savannah they will likely consider playing or joining. Note that this is not a course the public can play; you must be a member.

Unlike many prestigious golf clubs in South Carolina, Congaree Golf Club does not have an initiation fee. That doesn’t mean you can walk in and join. You have to be invited by a member and it is a very elite group of members. You will also be asked to donate to the Congaree Foundation which was created to have a positive impact on the lives of young people local to the course.

As we get to see more and more of Congaree Golf Club during the 2021 Palmetto Open it will be interesting to see how the course holds up against the greatest in the world including Dustin Johnson who has committed to play in the tournament.