After having five eagles in the month of July 2015 I went on a very cold streak. I did not have an eagle until today, December 9th, 2015. It is amazing how fickle the game of golf is. This eagle was one I definitely did not expect. Hasentree #16 is a 545 yard par 5 from the #2 tees. I was playing with my friend Mark Thomas today which is the only reason we were playing the 2s. I hit a hook drive that only went about 220 and was left in the thick bermuda rough left of the bunker. I could only get an 8 iron on it to advance it back to the fairway.

After hitting a pretty good 8 iron I was left with 185 yards into the green; not exactly the third shot you are looking for on a par 5. I selected by 4 hybrid which I hit in all situations between 175 and 200. As soon as I hit it I knew it was going to be good. It was a 5 yard draw that hit the front of the green and started to roll towards the pin.

I honestly thought it was going to hit the plateau and settle about five or 10 feet from the pin. I stopped watching it and got back in the cart. Mark looked at me, threw his hands up and got out of the cart. He said, “That just went in the hole.” I looked back at the green and did not see the ball.

It is the perfect hole to watch the ball fall in the cup and I looked away just as it went it. I guess I have to start looking away from the hole more often. Honestly, I can say this was my best struck approach shot eagle so far. I am not sure it deserved to go in the hole but I will take any eagle I can get.

I did follow the eagle up with a great shot over the pin and a two putt on 17 for a par. Unfortunately, I decided to get the snap hooks on #18 and #1 leading to a solid score of 89. I played terrible between the eagle and the final hole of the day (#9) which I birdied with a great drive, great 9 iron and a one putt.

Let’s hope eagle #9 comes sooner than five months. We shall see.