Are You a Good Member-Member Partner?

The Hasentree Spring Member-Member is coming up this weekend and all the guys are making their predictions as to who will win what flight. Obviously, part of it is luck but a large part of country club tournament golf is how well you play with your partner. I have been asked many times, “What does it take to be a good, or great, member-member partner?”

First of all, you have to determine your strengths and weaknesses and how they play on your course. Are you a bomber off the tee that can hit is 325 with a driver but lack a short game? Can you putt great, but can’t chip? Are short irons a strength but long irons and woods are a weakness? Do you get nervous when standing over four foot putts that are going to matter for your score?

Be honest with yourself. If you aren’t the best putter, it might be a good idea to find a partner that is a fantastic putter. Maybe you can crush a driver but you always get caught in the wrong position inside of 120 yards. Having played in enough tournaments, I know what I need out of my partner. My weaknesses are distance off the tee and shots over 180 yards. My strengths are anything inside 120, chipping and putting.

Obviously, it makes sense that I would find a partner that can hit his driver over 270 and can stripe irons a long distance. Fortunately, I have found that in my current partner. We play very well to each other’s strengths and weaknesses. So well, that we shot a net 29 on an alternate shot nine hole finale to our fall member-member last year.

Now that my game is coming around with the warmer weather, I am 100% confident that my partner and I will set up perfectly for each other’s games. The holes I struggle on are the longer holes. The holes he struggles on are the shorter holes. If all works out as planned, we should be able to pick each other up when the other is not on their favorite hole.

Before selecting a member-member partner for your tournaments, be honest with yourself and determine what works best for your game. Overall, you will want someone that you get along with and can pick you up when you aren’t playing your best. A positive attitude is always important in these types of events too. No one is going to go out and stripe every single shot. Stay positive and remember that it is a 36 or 45 hole event.

Most importantly, have fun at your member-member tournament!