Hero World Challenge 2014 Round 2 Live Blog

Once again, the timestamps will not be “live” as I am watching the DVR of the second round of the Hero World Challenge.

5:25 – Tiger misses the putt for bogey and takes a double bogey 6 on the 18th hole. He shoots a -2 (70) on the day. He is +3 for the tournament. I still love his swing right now. He will win tournaments with that swing. The chipping and putting will come around. I promise.

5:24 – Tough chip here for Tiger. Let’s see if he has cleaned it up. Nope. Not at all. Another terrible chip. He has lost five strokes in this tournament because of duffed chips. Not a bad 8 iron chip after that.

5:22 – Tiger has a mud ball on the second shot into the 18th. He will hit a 5 iron fade from 200 yards. He laughs at the mud ball that turned left instead of fading right. It is nice to see Tiger actually laugh. Not a bad swing just a mud ball.

5:18 – Ok, Tiger Woods with his last tee shot of the day. He has the driver out. Calm conditions and Tiger can hit a fade off this tee box. He pipes one dead straight with a little fade. I am super impressed with his swing right now.

5:14 – Tiger Woods is not going to win this tournament but his swings looks fantastic. Tiger just has one hole to play but it might not be completed in the coverage by Golf Channel. Also, Terry Gannon is a fantastic announcer. He needs to get many more chances to call majors and big time PGA tournaments. Go Pack!

5:13 – The sky opens up and there are major storms at Isleworth. This is amazing.

5:09 – Fantastic bunker shot for Tiger there. He has a 10 foot putt for birdie. As the rain pours down, Tiger lips out the birdie putt with too much pace.

5:08 – Tiger is about to hit his bunker shot here. This will be interesting. Let’s hit this one close. Flat lie and wet sand here.

5:06 – Just got off the phone with an old friend talking about Tiger Woods’ new swing. Click the link to check it out!

4:11 – They just did a Sean Foley Tiger Woods swing comparison to the current position. The current position is so very much better. He gets into much better spots, especially at the top of the swing. He is replicating his swing from when he was much younger.

4:10 – Tiger going for it in two here on 17. He has 278 and over cuts it into the bunker. That will be a tough bunker shot with not a lot of green to work with.

4:08 – I repeat, Tiger just hit a perfect DRAW with his driver. It has been years since I’ve seen that. 2015 could be a huge year if he can stay healthy and hit the ball this well.

4:06 – A light drizzle coming down now. That should slow the greens down a bit. Ok, Tiger with another driver on the par 5 17th hole. Let’s see if this is another good swing. No freaking way. Did Tiger just hit a draw with his driver? This is a GREAT sign. He is positioned to go for it in two.

4:04 – Tiger for another birdie putt to go four under through his last four holes. This is a big one. He hits it dead center. He is now +1 for the tournament and -4 on the day. He is looking pretty good with two holes to play.

4:00 – Tiger has 119 left into 16 after hitting an iron off the tee. Let’s see if he can continue his good play. Looks like some type of wedge here. He hits a draw with a wedge and it spins close. The trap draw with a wedge. I like it! Birdie putt coming up.

3:56 – The look from the blimp of Isleworth is unreal. What an amazing view. Anyone want to let me go down and play this course? Wow!

3:51 – Tiger hits a 5 iron at 15. It is likely playing around 220 yards. That would be a flushed 5 wood for me. Heck, I may even pull driver on a hole that long. Tiger has a long birdie putt. Downhill and fast here. Tiger lags it and will walk away with a par. We now learn Tiger is playing with a fever of over 102.

3:50 – The big guy birdies the 14th and he is now three under for the day. Let’s see if he can get back to even par for the tournament.

3:48 – Tiger has 85 yards in here. He flights the ball low and puts it right next to the pin. This is a very good birdie chance at 14. I assume that was a 56 degree wedge.

3:46 – Rickie Fowler in a Carolina Blue Puma outfit. I like it. That stock photo of Rickie looks terrible; he looks about 17 in that photo. Can the Golf Channel not find something better? Honestly?

3:45 – Remember that Isleworth is in the Orlando, Florida area. If you are looking to franchise in Florida Splash and Dash for Dogs offers a great opportunity. There are plenty that live in Isleworth that have dogs so a dog groomerie in the area could be a great business proposition.

3:42 – Let’s see this Tiger tee shot with the neon green Nike driver here.  Tiger hits it solid and it ends up in the fairway. This Tiger driver swing looks very good to me. Let’s see if his short irons and wedges come along.

3:41 – Keegan with the “shorter” putter here. I like it. It is 37 inches and he states he may go back and forth.

3:39 – Tiger is even par, for the day, up to this point. He needs to wipe this eagle putt in. He does and goes to two under for the day. I really think he has a chance to clean things up over the next few days.

3:38 – Tiger has an eagle putt at 13 to start the broadcast. Tiger’s full swing looks good as he has his length back. He just needs to chip and putt much better. I do not want to see Patrick Reed with Tiger for this round, but it is not my choice.

3:35 – Here we go. Let’s see if Tiger can play better today. I still like Rickie and Bubba to be at the top of the leaderboard on Sunday afternoon.