Hero World Challenge 2014 Round 3 Saturday Live Blog

The timestamps are going to be all over the place today because I am going to periodically watch the DVR of the 3rd round.

6:45 – Tiger finishes birdie-birdie-birdie to shoot a 69 for the day. He is now even for the tournament.

6:42 – Tiger has hit a bunch of fairways; 320 in the air on the 18th hole. His swing looks sweet. Amazing shot into 18 and he will have a 5 footer for birdie. Fantastic finish for Tiger.

6:41 – All of the Tiger Woods coverage is going to be on the Golf Channel today with him on 18 now. The NBC execs are not going to be happy with that. The Golf Channel ratings will likely be better than the NBC ratings. It will likely be the exact same tomorrow (Sunday).

6:37 – So it is a two shot penalty for trying to improve your lie after a duffed chip. Tiger rolls his eagle putt about 7 feet by. Let’s see if he can go birdie-birdie. He putts that one in the hole for a birdie on 17.

6:34 – Tiger going for it in two at the par 5 17th. He had 252 and he hits a wood that stops dead. He is hitting the ball very long. When the chipping and putting comes around he will be a tournament winner.

6:32 – Jordan Spieth’s short game is amazing. He has hit some fantastic flop shots. He is now at -15.

6:26 – Tiger hits an average chip onto the green. He is left with 10 feet for his birdie on a very short par 4. He hits this one for a birdie.

6:20 – The 16th is only playing 290 which makes it drivable. Tiger is hitting a 3 wood. This will tell us a lot about his tee box confidence. The distance was correct and he didn’t even go at it hard. Interesting.

6:14 – Tiger hitting a 5 iron from 202 yards. He has an awkward pitch coming up. Here we go again. He decides to putt it from off the green. It rolls past a good 10 feet. Tiger takes a bogey and goes back to +3 for the tournament.

6:11 – Tiger way right on 14. He hits a great recovery shot with the ball well below his feet. That was obviously his worst tee shot of the day. Tiger has a long birdie put that slides by. He has been doing that all day.

6:07 – With Alabama whipping up on Missouri I am back to watching the third round of the Hero World Challenge.

3:45 – I will head over and do the 2014 SEC Championship Game live blog now. I will finish watching the third round later today.

3:43 – These greens are racing right now. A Rickie Fowler putt looked like it was going to be 15 feet short and it raced 10 feet by. Wow. He hits it in for birdie to go to -8.

3:41 – He rolls the 40 footer right by the hole and will take a bogey after being just to the right of a par 5 in two. This golf is crazy. Lots of pros struggling with their short game on the Isleworth course.

3:40 – Normally this is an easy up and down for birdie for Tiger. Another chunk. That is #7 for him. Truly unbelievable. He almost does it again. He is going to have a 40 footer for par now.

3:37 – Tiger with 226 in to the par 5 13th. He has a 4 iron here. He just wants to keep it on the green and it is going to fall off to the right of 13. This should be an interesting chip to watch. It is the same chip he chunked on Thursday.

3:30 – Bubba says in a sarcastic way, “get back in the divot, oh yeah! The third divot in one hole.” Bubba Watson is not happy right now. We’ve all been there. Here is the Sarcastic Bubba third divot comment.

3:27 – Tiger with an uphill birdie putt and he sinks it. Uphill putts are all the difference on this course. Tiger now has three birdies against one bogey today. His golf game continues to improve.

3:26 – Rickie is in an all grey Puma outfit today. His shirt has yellow stripes on the front. Not a huge fan of the stripes but I like the all grey.

3:25 – Jordan Spieth starts with three straight birdies and now has a five shot lead. He is running away with this thing at Isleworth.

3:23 – So the PGA Tour rules official will have to look and see if Jimmy Walker improved his position when the ball was chipped and it came back down to his feet. He will likely have to take a penalty stroke there. Hopefully Frank will explain the ruling on that situation.

3:21 – Tiger hits another great tee shot but this one ends up just off the fairway in the intermediate cut, but it is still in great position. At this same time Jimmy Walker is chipping and letting it come back to his feet just like Tiger earlier this week. Unreal.

3:19 – Tiger with a downhill birdie. It slides by and he will take another par. The Golf Channel is talking about Tiger’s new golf ball and irons. Nike has some interesting stuff coming out. It is the same equipment that Rory McIlroy is using and has used.

3:15 – Our first look at the par 3 11th here. Horschel hits the middle of the green. Let’s see if Tiger can carve a fade in here. Tiger hits the middle of the green but will have a downhill putt.

3:12 – Tiger with a lengthy biride putt. He hits a really good putt but rolls past by about six or seven feet. Uphill putt for par that he should be able to clean up.

3:09 – Tiger has 129 into the green and he lefts his shot left and long. The sign of a pull. His driver and long iron play is just better than his short iron play right now. Hopefully that will come around quickly.

3:07 – Tiger off the 10th tee with a 3 wood. Dead straight. He says “thank you” after Billy Horschel tells him “great shot”. He is now 8 for 8 in fairways hit.

3:04 – The tee shot on the second hole would absolutely drive me crazy. I like to fade the ball and there is almost no room to hit the fade. I would only par the hole about 15% of the time. Unless it plays under 140 I would be out of luck.

3:03 – Tiger chipping here with a terrible stance. He has a great chip and will tap in for par. The ball was on the upslope and there was plenty of bermuda rough under the ball. Those are the types of chips I absolutely love.

3:00 – Tiger hits the fairway on 9. He hits a 7 iron from 177 and it carries long. He is dumbfounded. He will chip from that spot. Who knows what will happen.

2:54 – Horschel hits his second flag stick of the day. He needs to start aiming away from the flag. Tiger hitting from 95 yards. No trap draw this time; he spins a wedge way too much and it pulls back to the front of the green. A long birdie putt coming up for Tiger. He gives it a good roll but will end up with a two putt par.

2:51 – Bubba with his $550,000 white watch misses a putt but remains at -7.

2:44 – I’m back after a great lunch with a friend and his wife. Tiger has a birdie putt here after his bunker shot. He is noticeably sick as he is bent down on his knees before his putt. Tiger hits a GREAT putt for a birdie. Back to +1 and one under on the day.

12:28 – Bubba and Rickie are not playing together today but I think both can go low and move up the leaderboard. We will see.

12:27 – 232 in and Tiger leaves it in the bunker on the par 5 7th. A tough bunker shot here to get up and down for a birdie.

12:24 – Tiger Woods wearing black pants and a navy blue Nike polo shirt. Black shoes. It is a great look.

12:23 – Let’s see how Tiger hits the driver here. Just a beautiful driver swing right now. The best we have seen it in years. All the positions look fantastic; a little bit weaker of a grip.

12:21 – Tiger chunks another chip. That is #6 on the week. This is definitely in his head. His second chip is excellent and he will walk away with a bogey.

12:20 – Notah referring to Tiger playing with flu like conditions in 1994 at the NCAA Championships while at Stanford. Notah explains that he stepped back, threw up and proceeded to hit it on the green.

12:18 – Tiger with 173 to the green and ht hits it long and left. He will be left with a chip here. Let’s see how this goes as Rickie Fowler is off on the first hole. He is going to have a very long putt for birdie.

12:15 – The first tee shot of the day for Tiger on TV here. Tiger hits an iron off the tee and it is dead straight. Position A to go for the green at 6.

12:12 – Tiger Woods has a long birdie putt on the 5th. The greens are running around 13 on the stimpmeter and he misses. Tiger is obviously sick with a fever.

12:11 – Tiger gets a birdie on the card early at #1. Hey! He actually hit an amazing chip on #2, so that is good.