High Meadows Country Club Membership Initiation Fees and Monthly Dues

If you are looking for a country club “in the mountains” but not really in the mountains of North Carolina, you may be looking at options in Roaring Gap, NC. Roaring Gap is a short 2 hour and 30 minute drive from Raleigh and is at the base of the North Carolina Appalachian Mountains. You could definitely make the day trip if you wanted to get a quick 18 holes in.

One of the clubs that is pushing for members in late 2019 is High Meadows Country Club. The George Cobb classic was built in 1964 and allows you to view the Blue Ridge Mountains while slapping the white ball around. If you want more membership information about High Meadows Country Club or would like to know more about the area, email me at jesse@wojdylogolf.com.

The Membership Initiation fees and monthly costs are as follows:

Initiation Fees:

  • Without a Home Purchase – $10,000
  • With a High Meadows Home Purchase (January 1st – June 30th) – $5000
  • With a High Meadows Home Purchase (Beginning July 1st, 2019) – $6500

No Monthly Fees, only Annual Dues:

  • Active Golf Membership – $5295 ($441.25 a month)
  • Young Adult Membership (Age 21-35) – $3535 ($294.58 a month)
  • Social Membership (no golf) – $3035
  • Annual Corporate Membership – $5295

All other costs and fees are listed below: