Jason Day Signs Deal to Wear Nike Hats, Golf Shirts and Shoes

Well, this one came out of left field. In mid September 2016 it was rumored that Jason Day was going to sign a deal to wear Nike apparel while playing on the PGA Tour. This is a very interesting development as Jason Day has been using Taylormade for much of his professional career. He has been wearing Adidas golf shirts, hats, shoes and other apparel since he started his rise up the World Golf Rankings.

While nothing has been set it stone, some major golf media outlets are reporting that Jason Day will be wearing Nike in the very near future. Just when Nike is getting out of the golf equipment business, they are doubling down by trying to get the best players in the world to wear their shirts, hats and shoes. If this rumor is true, Nike will have Tiger Woods, Rory McIlroy and Jason Day for apparel.

This should come as no surprise as it has been well documented that Jason Day and Tiger Woods are very good friends. In fact, every time Jason Day is on the lead in a major tournament, he tests Tiger to get his opinion on how to prepare and react during the weekend. It would not be surprising to see both Jason Day and Tiger Woods wearing Nike in 2017.

Have you heard this rumor? Have you seen Jason Day wearing any Nike apparel in the last few weeks?

We have read this has been confirmed but we will not confirm until we see Jason Day in a tournament wearing a Nike hat.