Joaquin Niemann Shoulder & Head Dip on Driver Swing

If you are watching the 2020 BMW Championship, you are seeing the extremely rotational and flexible swing of Joaquin Neimann. Joaquin is only 21 years old and has some of the strongest core muscles on the entire PGA Tour. While all PGA Tour players get their distance from their core, Joaquin Niemann takes it to a whole new level. Here is what it looks like:

Look at Joaquin right after impact:

If you wonder how a 145 pound soaking wet PGA Tour player can hit a driver over 325 yards, this is how you do it. There is not an amateur in the world that has the flexibility to get under with his right side the way Joaquin Niemann can.

Joaquin gets away with average footwork because of this flexibility and turn. His knee plane is a little open at impact but it doesn’t matter when you can get your right side through the ball the way he does.

His head and under body looks like it is dipping so much because he is using the back side of his right obliques and core to create power.

If you want to try this, set up with your driver, use the back side of your right obliques, just under your lats, to drive your hip under your right shoulder and all the way through without using your arms to move the club at all. See how far you can get. Good luck.