Kingwood Country Club, Texas Marsh Course Review

If you are ever in Kingwood, Texas and have the opportunity to play any of the courses, play the March Course. This is my favorite of all the courses and is much easier than the Island Course. Some feel as if the Lake Course is the easiest, but the Marsh play amazing today. Even after rain the previous day and in the morning the course played firm and fast.

If you aren’t the longest hitter of the ball you will enjoy this course. The front 9 is shorter than the back 9. There are a few tough holes that force you to hit a 200 yard shot but if you can hit a 5 iron or hybrid well you will be able to navigate these holes.

The hardest part of the course for me was the firmness of the greens and the putting. You should not try to land the ball flag high. If you do, I can promise you it will go way over the green. On the first four or five holes I hit the ball pin high and ended up off the back of the green. Even being a very good chipper, I was not good enough to keep the ball close to the hole to one putt.

My putting was horrendous. That said, I was using an old bullseye putter and not my Odyssey White Hot that has been so good to me at Hasentree. I ended up three putting about five of the first 9 holes. On the back 9 I got it together a little bit but still not good enough to have tap in pars.

Overall, I probably shot in the mid to high 80s and could have been much lower if I putted well. Remember, these are some of the newer championship bermuda greens at Kingwood so keep that in mind if you are not a good putter on championship bermuda greens.

I would strongly suggest playing this course if you are a double digit handicapper and distance isn’t your strong suit.