Why Does Lexi Thompson Putt with a Glove On?

Over the last few months more and more people have tuned into women’s golf on the LPGA Tour. Part of this is because of Lexi Thompson. Not only can she play golf, she is athletic and gorgeous. She drives the ball over 300 yards and plays a game that even most amateur men can only dream about. The biggest problem with Lexi’s game at the moment is putting. She even went to an oversized putter that looks quite ridiculous.

Something that most notice about Lexi is she never takes off her glove when playing golf. All PGA Tour pros take their glove off when around the green. While some leave their glove on to chip and play bunker shots almost no one leaves their glove on when putting. In my opinion, this is part of Lexi’s problem when it comes to putting.

Putting is all feel; nothing else. This means you should feel your putter as it makes contact with the ball. If you are wearing a glove you do not get the same feel as when you are not wearing a glove. In 2016 I went to a cork putter grip to get a better feel. I have putted much better allowing me to move my handicap down quite a bit. In fact, I would say my putting stroke has improved by one to two strokes a round. That is huge in the game of golf.

I know Lexi loves the Puma brand and wants to be different, but wearing a glove is hurting her putting stroke. If she wants to take over Lydia Ko as the #1 player in women’s golf I think she should strongly consider taking her glove off when putting.