How Much is a Locker at a Private Country Club?

Today I received an email from my golf club asking me to fill out a survey for the upcoming locker rooms. Our clubhouse is almost complete and the staff is trying to determine how they are going to progress with lockers. It looks as if a locker is going to cost $225 a year. The survey asks if that is a reasonable price and how I would like to be billed.

While I wouldn’t mind having a locker, I cannot justify paying $225 a year for something I have lived without for the past three years in which I have been a country club member. Not only that, but I tend to play at other golf courses as well. I am not one of those members that can leave his clubs at their home course. I play about five other courses in the span of a month. Some of my best golf buddies are not members at my course so I am willing to play public courses or their private courses.

I am unaware of how much a private locker at a country club costs but I would imagine my club, Hasentree, is somewhere is the same ballpark. If you are a member of a country club, how much does your private locker cost? Are you willing to pay the extra fee to have a place to keep your clubs and some extra clothes?