Does the Matt Kuchar Forearm Anchoring Putting Stroke Work?

Well, obviously it does for him. Many amateur golfers are trying to figure out not that the anchor putter has been banned. Why isn’t Matt Kuchar’s anchor banned? Well, Kuchar anchors the putter on his forearm and not on his chest or stomach. This might be a remedy to your problems if it is difficult to keep your hands steady throughout the entire putting motion.

Putting should be a movement of the shoulders and nothing else. The best putters in the world do not use their hands and arms when putting; they rotate their shoulders. If you anchor the putter grip on your forearm it is much easier to take your hands and arms out of the putting stroke.

An easy way to practice this is to grip your putter all the way down at the bottom of the grip. You can then rest the grip on your forearm. If you are right handed the grip will go up your left forearm. This basically makes the putter an extension of your left forearm and should completely take the wrists out of the putting stroke.

Over the last few years I have adopted a hybrid putting stroke that is someone like Matt Kuchar’s. I grip all the way down on my cork grip and let the grip touch the inside of my left wrist. By doing this, it makes 100% certain my wrists do not break anywhere in the putting stroke. I rotate my shoulders as I take the putter back and rotate them forward as the putter comes forward.

This allows me to keep my putter on plane. Over the last three or four tournaments I have noticed that my pressure putting has gotten better and better. In fact, I did not miss a single putt inside of 10 feet during my last 18 hole tournament. This is very useful when you are in those nervy situations in which you don’t want to miss a short putt to give away a stroke or a hole.

If you have had trouble taking your wrists or hands out of your putting stroke, try the Matt Kuchar forearm anchor setup. It may very well work out for you.