Matt Wallace 2 Thumb Fat Putter Grip

Around 2010 the Super Stroke fat putter grip became popular. It really gained in popularity when Jordan Spieth started sinking putts from everywhere in 2015. Now, we are taking it up a notch. Matt Wallace uses the 2 Thumb (brand) putter grip in which the grip is so fat that you can place both thumbs side by side on the grip. He then interlocks the fingers on the backside of the grip. Here is what the 2 thumb putter grip looks like:

So, what does a fat putter grip work for the PGA Tour Pros? Tour Pros do everything they can to take their hands and wrists out of the putting stroke. In fact, the top tour pros try to take their hands and wrists out of the full swing. The less “armsy” a putting stroke or swing, the more consistent it is going to be. By putting the thumbs side by side on the putter grip, the golfer has to rotate his or her shoulders to actually hit the putt. With the larger grips you can’t squeeze them tight and be super wristy with a putting stroke.

If you have the problem of using your hands and/or wrists too much in the putting stroke, a fat or large grip might open your eyes as to the shoulder rotation that great putters use. It might be a great practice tool on a second putter just to get the feel of not using the hands and wrists.