Nick Faldo SQAIRZ Golf Shoes – Do They Really Add Distance?

SQAIRZ Golf Shoes are known as the “distance golf shoes”. Let me repeat that. SQAIRZ Golf Shoes are known as the “distance golf shoes”. Shoes are now giving amateur golfers distance. Hold on while I stop rolling my eyes. If you have watched the Golf Channel during PGA Tour events in 2020 and 2021 you have likely seen Nick Faldo endorsing these distance golf shoes. So, can a pair of golf shoes actually give amateurs distance?

No. NO. NO! There is not a single amateur on the planet that is going to put this pair of golf shoes on and gain distance. Not one. Distance is created with swing speed. There is an argument to be made that footwork definitely matters in the golf swing and can create power. That said, a pair of golf shoes is not going to change the footwork of 99.9999999283% of amateurs. There will likely be a placebo effect for some that buy the shoes. They may catch lightning in a bottle and hit their driver 260 instead of 240 because all the planets align. This was not because they purchased the SQAIRZ Golf Shoes.

In this video Nick Faldo says these shoes can help you make a full follow through for the first time ever. Um, what? Golf shoes help with the follow through of the golf swing? How about these guys on TV simply tell amateurs that it takes years of stretching and understanding the golf swing to add distance. There is no quick fix or magic bullet to add consistent distance. You may add a few yards by watching a George Gankas video but if you want to compress the ball and hit it correctly, it is going to take a lot more than a pair of shoes that are on the Golf Channel during the first two rounds of a PGA Tour event.

If you feel as if golf shoes are the problem, find a PGA Tour level coach and tell them that you want to work on footwork and you are willing to take 6-9 months to improve said footwork to created more consistency and distance. If you want a quick fix, buy a pair of shoes that look good, not golf shoes that claim to be the “distanc golf shoe”.