Why Are PGA Tour Pros Touching Their Right Elbow Before Putting?

During the 2020 FedEx Cup Playoff golf fans have noticed Dustin Johnson, Hideki Matsuyama and Joaquin Neimann are touching their right elbow when setting up for a putt. Why are they doing this?

The biggest problem with Pro level putting is the right elbow “pulls” back which causes the hands and arms to take over through impact. This is also true with the full swing with amateur golfers. Read more about pulling with the right elbow on the full swing here.

When you start the putting stroke with the right arm or right elbow pulling back you are already causing your shoulders to move off the target line. You will either pull your shoulders inside the target line or leave them open and use only your arms. Patrick Kelley developed the Putting Perfecter to help you get the feel for the arms, especially the elbows, staying connected on the entire putting stroke.

If you use the Putting Perfecter and feel a slight tension on the inside of your triceps you will find that your putter stays much more square back and through impact. Another secret that most people do not notice with PGA Tour players is when they get over a putt they look “skinny”. This is because they are sucking in their stomach which gives their arms room to flow back and through.

If you want to putt better, make sure that right elbow is inside your right shoulder. Well, if you want to be a better golfer, make sure your right elbow always stays inside your right shoulder, even on your driver swing or chip shots. You can practice chipping with the Putting Perfecter which will force your arms to stay inside you shoulders.