PGA Tour Pros and Players with Shirts Untucked

There was a time when it was unacceptable to have a shirt untucked on a golf course. In fact, most private country clubs and golf clubs throughout the United States require all members to have their shirts tucked in while on the golf course. There has been a recent trend on the PGA Tour of tour pros and players wearing their shirt untucked. The latest is Bubba Watson at the WGC Workday Championship. Here are a few of the PGA Tour Pros that have worn a shirt untucked lately:

Bubba Watson and Joaquin Niemann wore shirts untucked in February 2021 at the Genesis Invitational and the WGC Workday Championship. I was unable to find pictures of them on the Internet so if you were able to capture a picture of an untucked shirt on a PGA Tour golfer please email them to me at

Most of the trends with the shirts untucked are full button up or button down shirts, not golf polos. We have yet to see PGA Tour players wearing golf polo shirts untucked.

Rickie Fowler

As more and more young players start to wear untucked shirts, skinny pants that don’t cover the ankles and no socks, it will be interesting to see how the PGA Tour reacts. Will it be like the anchored putters or will they allow this trend to continue. Let’s just hope they do not let them wear shorts during actual PGA Tour events.