Pinehurst NC Golf Trips and Discounts in 2017

If you are a fan of golf you know all about Pinehurst. The first true golf village, where Payne Stewart won the US Open before passing away in a plane crash and the home to dozens of amazing golf courses. Every single year, millions of people book trips to Pinehurst with the intention of getting the best bang for their buck while eventually getting to play the crown jewel, Pinehurst #2.

From personal experience, I can tell you there are plenty of ways to save money by getting discounts to Pinehurst. The first thing you should do is consider when you can take your golf vacation. If you have the opportunity to vacation off peak season, you will save hundreds of dollars. If you live close, you can choose a weekend in January or February in which the weather is not bad and save a bundle.

You should also make certain that you choose a package that allows you to stay on the property and play golf. While most resorts will end up charging you more, this is not the case with Pinehurst. You almost always save money by booking through the resort with one of their packages. If you want add ons such as a spa day you might find some even bigger discounts.

If you want to simply play golf at Pinehurst and stay somewhere else such as Sanford or even in Raleigh or Chapel Hill I would strongly suggest playing #4 and #8. While #2 gets the most press, it is a ball buster and you end up paying about $500 to walk the course with a caddie. I can assure you that it is going to whip your ass the first time you play it and you are going to be left wondering why you just spend have a G to suffer through four and a half hours of pain.

You also need to check out Dugan’s Pub in Pinehurst. It is one of the best burgers you are going to have. Maybe I enjoyed it so much because I was hungry as hell walking off the 36 holes I played but the food seems to be highly rated by many. Note that this location does not have a ton of seating. If you go on a Friday or Saturday night, you might have to wait quite a bit of time to get a table. The bar can be fun but it is very tight in the actual building.

Having been to Pinehurst a number of times, I can say that it is worth the trip just for the experience. One of my good friends is a Pinehurst, NC dentist and he invites me down a few times a year. After having played most of the courses and enjoyed the experience of being in the area, I can say I have other aspirations when it comes to golf trips. There is not a lot of entertainment in Pinehurst and it is much more of an older crowd. If you are a younger or middle age golfer you might want to consider other options when it comes to golf and entertainment.

Have you been to Pinehurst to play golf? What did you think? Did you get a package or discount?