If you are want a very exclusive private golf club experience near Hilton Head or Charleston, South Carolina you may start your research on Chechessee Creek Club in Okatie, South Carolina. Chechessee Creek is about 30 minutes north of Hilton Head so it is a great way to play golf off the island. If you don’t want to deal with “tourism golf” I strongly suggest playing Chechessee Creek or Secession.

To play Chechessee Creek Club you are going to pay $215 when you get a tee time through your private country club. You will also be required to have a caddie which is $100 cash at the club. You can pay the $215 with a credit card. Note that you will have to tip the caddie as well so expect to pay around $400 to play Chechessee Creek.

Chechessee Creek is a Core Crenshaw design that uses the landscape in a natural way. Think Pinehurst #2 with less sand. As with most Core Crenshaw designs, the green complexes are the challenge. Chechessee Creek has Champion Bermuda greens that are fantastic.

Upon entering Chechesee Creek Club you will notice that it is very “rustic”. There is not a huge clubhouse or entry way. It is very outdoorsy. The golf shop and men’s locker room are in a small house. It does not look special on the outside, but once you enter it is extremely impressive.  The men’s locker room is amazing. Here are some pictures:

The locker room connects to the dining room and there is a bar area in which you can order drinks without having to leave the men’s locker room. It would be a great time during a tournament.

As far as playing the course, bring your short game. This course is very difficult for those that do not have a strong short game. There are, at least, six or seven elevated greens that are impossible to get up and down on unless you can hit an amazing chip or a flop shot. In fact, getting up and down would be impossible for those that are a 10 handicap or higher.

To make the green complexes even worse, the greens can roll at 13 or 14 on the stimpmeter. When we played it, they were rolling around 10. Thank goodness.

Tee shots are not that difficult on Chechessee Creek. The problem is the approach shot into the green. When you stand over an approach shot from any distance, it looks impossible to keep the ball on the green. You can’t be long, right or left. Your caddie will often say, “Left is dead, right is dead, long is impossible and short is a challenge. So, hit the green.”

If you plan on bringing some golfers to play Chechessee Creek Club be cognizant of the challenging greens. If your golfing buddies have terrible short games, they are going to shoot 120 at Chechessee Creek. There are several other courses in Hilton Head and Charleston that would be much better for those that do not have a strong short game.

This is a photo of a par 3. I cannot remember if it is on the back or the front because we played the course out of order to speed up the pace of play. This is one of the only holes in which you can see the water and marsh.

Overall, I think all golfers that are single digit handicappers should play this course. If you are a 15 handicap that blades and chunks chips, do not spend $400 to let Chechessee Creek whip your ass. If you want to join Chechessee Creek Club here are the membership fees and initiation dues.