Patrick and I met at Knight’s Play today, on a Saturday. We had to hit balls off the mat but it was a very important. Like my previous Knight’s Play lesson, Patrick did not feel comfortable twisting and turning me so we just worked on the backswing. I got into the habit of worrying about keeping my shoulder angle steep by trying to keep my left shoulder inside or close to my body. While the turn creates a steep shoulder angle, I should not think about keeping the left shoulder close to my body. Instead, I need to think about setting the angle with my left oblique, then driving the left shoulder straight back away from the target. When I stabilize with my legs, the left will come under the chin and create a steep shoulder angle.

I did this a number of times while also working on my chipping motion. I hit a few good balls and ended up working on getting some good shoulder turns in. It will still take me getting used to having a full shoulder turn without trying to transition too quickly back to the ball.

It is nice to be able to add elements to the golf swing and still be aware that I don’t need to use my arms to get the club to the top. When I do not use my arms, it is much easier for me to tuck my right elbow and let the arms fall into place.

My next lesson will likely be at Knight’s Play or at Patrick’s father in law’s house in Angier in his big field. Old Chatham has no plans on reopening until at least April 1st, 2020.

UPDATE: Well, Old Chatham never really reopened for my golf swing lessons. Patrick stayed at Knight’s Play and we have been there ever since. It is now mid January 2021 and I am 211 lessons in. We have made a ton of progress with my shoulder turn and I now understand the angle the left hip sets and the right lat creates by opening the right shoulder. Good luck learning that when you pull with the right arm or right lat. It takes years. Years!

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