We are still at Knight’s Play because of Coronavirus. Today was an eye opener. Patrick further explained the importance of the pull in of the right obliques and right side in the backswing. While I had somewhat of a grasp, I had no idea just how hard you have to pull in the lower right side while the left lat drives under the left shoulder. It is almost impossible. Without 120 prior lessons, there is absolutely no way I could do this.

As my left lat starts driving under I am to really pull the lower right side in. If I do this correctly and turn with my shoulders, my hands and arms will stay low. As I get close to the top there is a lot of pressure on the inside of my right foot and the right side. It is definitely torqued.

Towards the end of the lesson, Patrick touched on the arms being able to go back down the target line rather than behind me. If I can really pull in my right side while driving my left lat under my left shoulder I have the ability to let my arms stay on what feels like the target line. If this is correctly done, the body naturally rotates the club with the downswing. It is definitely a much different feel than trying to create the club rotation with the hands and arms.

Now I have to make sure not to injure my right side by doing to many practice swings over the weekend.

UPDATE: Note that we are sucking in or pulling in with the right side but we are keeping the right hip stable. We “sit” into the right hip while also sucking in the right side. Good luck trying that at home. It took several months of work on my right side to be able to sit into my right hip and keep it on the target line while also sucking in with the right obliques. This is not something that can be learned overnight.

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