We are still at Knight’s Play because of Coronavirus. Today was a very frustrating lesson. Patrick added a new layer that really caused me some trouble. When I turn, I allow my hips and right side to keep turning past the take away. Patrick explained that my right side should “stop” turning once my take away is complete. My left side should continue to drive, but I should not feel my lower right obliques continuing to turn. In fact, they should feel like they are pulling in rather than turning.

When I do this correctly, it feels “arsmy” to me because I am used to my lower right obliques continuing to turn as I go back. Patrick calls this “getting fat”. Instead, we want the lower right obliques to “get skinny” by pulling them into my belly button.

As I try this, there is much more room on my right side as my arms go back and my right side stabilizes. Because of this, I cannot seem to get back down to the ball. While I know I am not coming from a completely different place at the top of my backswing, I am not used to having so much room.

I also feel as if I am giving up my left lat being broad. I now feel the opening of the left shoulder on my take away and I need to continue that all the way to the top and hold it as I transition and come back into impact.

With the chipping drill, I can really feel my left shoulder opening up. Instead of trying to get the club lower with my hands or arms, I am now doing it by opening my left lat which makes my left shoulder broad. It has taken months and thousands of practice reps to get this feel. Now I understand how the pros chip so well.

It feels like my left lat drives under my armpit making my left shoulder open. If I can keep this angle back and through the chipping motion I hit it extremely well every single time. I am even able to start hinging my wrist going back on my chipping motion. I am certain Patrick will explain the exact way to do this so I am trying not to hinge with the practice exercise.

It seems like every time I start to hit the ball well Patrick adds a new layer that sets me back. I know it is only a short setback but it feels like a longer one. In the past a set back was several weeks or potentially months. Now, these setbacks are only about 10 or 15 balls. While that is nice, it can be challenging to hit the ball well for a few range sessions only to find you are not doing it 100% correct.

Ahh, the joys of trying to learn to hit the ball like the pros.

UPDATE: This was just one of many adjustments Patrick had to make to improve my backswing. I am now over 225 lessons in, it is February 2021 and I am still trying to create the correct backswing. Basically, my right side liked to pull and lift on the backswing and I am now learning to make the right side as soft and tension free as possible. This is not easy, but I have been focusing on it for the last few weeks. In a few weeks, I am certain it will be something else to clean up.

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