Per the usual, I started thinking about my arm and elbow placement on my backswing. When I do this, I get very short as I should be thinking about my shoulder turn rather than my arms. As Patrick has always said, “give me a deep backswing and I will give you any score that you want.” We continued to work on depth and that meant I needed to relax my upper back and shoulders. When I can feel my upper back relax, I feel my left shoulder come under my chin and it is a deeper backswing.

Patrick twists me much deeper now but I have to learn to do this when I practice and hit balls at the range. I get in the habit of getting anxious and I go right back to my old short swing under any pressure.

We briefly worked the downswing by Patrick making sure my left foot remained stable through the finish of the swing. I have quite a bit of work to do to improve my downswing but that is simply going to take time and flexibility.

I am going out to watch Travis, Jacob, Jake and Robert Bates play at Heritage tomorrow. That will be a fun experience in which I will only putt and watch them play.

UPDATE: This was the last time I watched Travis play for quite some time. It is now March 2021 and I have not seen any of the guys play since July 2020. Covid and a number of other reasons has caused me to be very disinterested in watching all the golf guys beat it around their home courses. To this day, I still need to take the time to slow down and focus on depth of the backswing. That will always be a major focus of mine. Welcome to the world of Wojdylo Golf.

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