Today Patrick came to me with a new plan for my golf game. He wants to do a lesson every day. He said my backswing is very good but when we work the downswing I corrupt the backswing a little bit. He would like to work my backswing Monday and Tuesday, the downswing on Wednesday, blend the two on Thursday and polish on Friday. As you can guess, I told him I was all in.

Today, a Monday, we focused solely on the backswing. Patrick didn’t add much at all as he simply turned me deeper in the backswing. I have a tendency to straighten my right knee and allow my head to fall back as I get deeper. Patrick consistently made sure my right knee stayed bent and the top of my head was “pushed” forward. It feels like he is taking the top of my head and physically moving it towards the target as my upper body turns around my lower body. I definitely need to get more flexible in my neck.

As I get more and more depth, it feels like my elbows are touching not only through the backswing but even as I approach impact. I hit some really good shots today but know that on backswing days, we are focused more on depth and getting my shoulders turned.

I am very excited to see where we go with this new process. I was under the impression that lesson #180 was going to come in late November or early December but now it is going to come mid October and we are going to blast through that very quickly. It will be a wild ride.

UPDATE: It is nw mid April 2021, I am over 250 lessons in and we are still cleaning things up. In the last few months I have accepted that it is just going to take time to fix my head positioning and the right side trying to finish the backswing. I am now getting closer and closer to completing the backswing without using arms while on the range. When I go to the actual course, that is a completely different story. Overall, I am in a much better head space now than I have ever been. I do what I can do and that is simply good enough.

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